Discover SweetChange, a 3D speech recognition engine that improves your accent

At LAtelier Marketing, we work with companies that change the world for the better. Our clients inspire us in their own way as they build products that improve our lives. They have a vision. They want to help. They want to make us better humans.

Among our inspiring clients is SweetChange. SweetChange has developed a 3D speech recognition and feedback engine. This engine literally *shows* you how to improve your accent in a language. It listens to you saying specific sounds and shows you how to move your mouth and tongue to improve your accent. In real time.

Pretty cool, right? The application is available for American English, but will soon open to more languages. It will enable language learners from all over the world to become fluent. No matter what language they want to learn.

Even really smart and talented people can sometimes have trouble speaking a foreign language. And most of the time, unfortunately, that prevails over their skills. SweetChange CEO Kevin Kang wants to turn language diversity from a challenge to an opportunity.

LAtelier is humbled to work with such an innovative company. And we are even more thrilled to know that they’re happy with us! Here is a video of Kevin describing his experience working with us.

Are you a startup working on a product that makes or will make people’s lives better? If so, we can help you! Please feel free to reach out or check out our products to see if LAtelier can be a good fit for your marketing needs. And if you want to learn more about SweetChange or get in touch with them, leave a comment below! Until next time!

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