How I Used My Birthday To Launch My Company

Today is the birthday of someone you know. Facebook will tell you on the sidebar. Perhaps it’s someone you haven’t talked to in a while. You will click on their profile to wish them a happy birthday. Or to see what they’ve been up to. Or maybe just to unfriend them.

I do exactly the same thing. That’s why I chose my birthday to launch LAtelier Marketing. I knew I would get natural attention from family, friends and acquaintances alike. I knew that even the most distant contacts would visit one of my social profiles, for one reason or the other. Bad press or good press, it didn’t really matter: it was press, and perhaps LAtelier would get some “buzz” from it.

So it was decided pretty early on that April 23, 2015 would be the launch of LAtelier Marketing. But we didn’t want to just announce the launch without warning. We wanted to build some momentum beforehand to get people excited. That’s why a few days before my birthday, we published a teaser gathering some of the bloopers from the final launch video:

I didn’t think much of it and was surprised that it actually got people’s attention. Some started commenting on Facebook, trying to figure out what it was all about. A few made assumptions – the most common being that I was going to announce I was pregnant… It makes sense, I’m 29 (not yet Mom and Dad, not yet).

On April 23 , friends and followers started publishing birthday messages on my Facebook wall. But for some of them, the focus wasn’t my birthday. Instead, they were asking when I would finally make my announcement! Here are a few examples:

“Your “buzzday” works perfectly. We’re all hanging! Big kisses!”

“Sooooooooo?!?? Happy birthday while we’re waiting, miss! xoxo”

At 10 am PST that day, we released the launch video. After only 48 hours online, the video reached 4,000 views on Facebook. We also had over 500 likes and comments. 4k views may seem low if we are talking about a consumer product, but this is a “business-to-business” video. B2B videos are not the kind that usually gets buzz.

What I would do differently

On launch day, a dozen of potential clients and partners contacted me to learn more about LAtelier. The problem was that I had made some birthday plans and wasn’t available to answer messages in a timely manner. If I were to do this again, I would not make plans for my birthday and would just focus on launching my business.

I could also have created more buzz than I did. We have some unused footage that we could have posted weeks in advance and all the way up to April 23. I could have published pictures with clues. And maybe even do a small friendly competition.

Finally, I could have leveraged Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram more than I did. I focused on Facebook because that’s where I have the most reach and engagement.

I am very happy with how it turned out. LAtelier ended up with a dozen of face-to-face meetings, and now has 6 customers. And we’re just a month old!

If you have questions, want to work with LAtelier to create a similar buzz-campaign or explore more opportunities, feel free to reach out! Until next time!

Doriane is the founder of LAtelier Marketing. You can follow her on Twitter @DorianeMouret. The videos presented in this post were produced and directed by Jacob Beemer. You can follow him on Twitter @JacobBeemer.

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